F2S News: January 2011

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A Farm to School Odyssey: Hopkins Public Schools

A trip through the lunch line at Hopkins Public Schools is sure to stir up a kid's imagination with foods like Wacky Watermelon, Circus Ready Pepper Rings, and Popeye Spinach Salad. And better yet, Hopkins' Farm to School sensations are grown in school gardens and on nearby farms. Read More


New School/Community garden for Park Rapids school

With help from the Master Gardeners program, a new school/community garden will sprout at Park Rapids' Century School in summer 2011. Its mission: to improve students' health by encouraging families to grow and eat healthier food. Read More

Five Myths about School Food

When it comes to school lunch, it is sometimes hard to separate fact from fiction. Learn more about five common myths. Read More

Video Highlight

School districts are writing the recipe for good nutrition in cafeterias. This video tells you more about Farm to School and related efforts to make school meals fresh and healthy. Check it out

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