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School freezer may be next stop for local food movement

In the school cafeteria at Sibley East, Joan Budahn stocks the food line with the makings for Mexican haystacks, a kid-friendly version of taco salad. Ground beef, corn chips and beans are piled neatly inside silver trays. Budahn, in a server's smock and black and gold Sibley East Wolverines visor, lifts the lid on a container and announces, "brown rice," emphasis on brown. Read the full story on MPR News.

The price of perfection

It’s tough not being perfect. Everyone who has ever had a bad hair day knows that. And that’s no more true than for those misshapen, oddly sized fruits and vegetables that Mother Nature inevitably produces. For them, the price of being imperfect is being consigned to a slow death, rotting in the farm field or the landfill, while their cosmetically perfect brothers and sisters head off to a grocery store near you. Read the full story on IATP's blog.

Childcare: Fertile ground for healthy young eaters

When a four year old in our project was asked recently where carrots come from, he pretty well nailed it: “The ground, and farmers water them and pick them and give them to people and bunnies too, and stores.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Read the full story on IATP's blog.

School kitchen grant program announced by Minnesota Dept of Agriculture

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) has issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) for the 2013 Farm to School Grant Program. MDA anticipates awarding $250,000 in competitive grants to increase sales of locally grown and raised food products to K-12 institutions.

IATP receives federal support for regional Farm to School innovation

The Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy is pleased to announce that we’ve been chosen as a recipient by the USDA’s new Farm to School grant program. With USDA’s support, IATP will begin working on a couple of the key challenges and opportunities now facing the Farm to School movement. 

Read the story here.

Sibley East High School: Growing a Better School Lunch

 Over 9 months in the making, this video documents one of Minnesota's largest school gardens. Located in Arlington Minnesota we followed a school ag class from seeding to harvest through a school year. This video documents that process and helps other schools recreate the success they've had.  Watch their original video here!

The freshest for the youngest

IATP is pleased to announce our new partnership with child-care provider New Horizon Academy (NHA) and the launch of our Farm to Child Care pilot program (press release). Working with New Horizon, IATP is launching a new Farm to Child Care program that will take place at thirteen New Horizon child care sites in the Twin Cities metro, St. Cloud and Rochester areas beginning in June. The pilot is intended to help catalyze and inform the emerging Farm to Child Care movement around the country.  Read the full story on IATP's blog.

Soda Makers Scramble to Fill Void as Sales Drop

In much the same way their ancestors on the prairie had to check their guns at the door of the saloon, the 320 students in the Faulkton Area School District in tiny Faulkton, S.D., will be required to dispose of all carbonated soda containers before stepping into school buildings.  “We’re not trying to be the pop police or anything, but we felt like we were sending a mixed message,”Read the full story at the New York Times.

Farm-to-school food: Beyond apples to grass-fed hot dogs

 Every year, the Minneapolis-based Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy surveys Minnesota schools to measure how much local food schools are providing to students. The numbers are out again and they're up again.Read the full story at MPR News.

Changes Target Healthier School Food

School cafeterias will be serving more nutritious meals with twice as many fruits and vegetables, more whole grains and less sodium and fat under new guidelines that will revamp the federally backed school meals program for the first time in 15 years. Read the full story at the Star Tribune.

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