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Coming full circle: Farm to School partnership provides year-round food and education

For Jessica Paul and Ricardo Piedade, farming has always been about more than just producing food. As owners and operators of JPS Farms, a 20 acre organic operation east of North Branch, Minnesota, the two strive to provide healthy, sustainably grown food to the local community, while working to give consumers, especially youth, a better sense of where their food originates.

Digging Root Vegetables in Goodhue County

To say that L&R Poultry & Produce is big on root vegetables would be an understatement!  Each year the family-owned and operated farm near Northfield, MN produces  thousands of pounds of red, russet and Yukon gold potatoes, yellow and red onions, carrots, beets, rutabagas, radishes, turnips and even horseradish.

Farms, Foraging and Freezing: Farm to School Innovations in Western Minnesota

With the help of some basic equipment and a very enthusiastic staff, Jeanine Bowman, Food Service Director at Benson and Morris Public Schools has used freezing to extend Farm to School well into the winter months. Bowman’s staff uses as much produce as possible fresh, and then freezes the rest.

The Farm on St. Mathias

For the past six years, the Farm on St. Mathias has sold produce to local restaurants, been a presence at the farmers market, provided farm tours and donated land for community gardens to local nonprofits. Farm owners Arlene and Bob Jones are passionate about the aesthetic beauty of their farm, the benefits of gardening and farming, and now, Farm to School.

Discovering Healthy Food: Orono School Food Service Staff Work to Broaden Student Food Knowledge

ORONO, MN — From heirloom tomatoes to corn, cantaloupe and a kid-friendly “cow,” the Orono Public Schools are working with local farmers to help kids learn where and how their food is grown. Two Pony Gardens in Long Lake and nearby Baldwin Vegetable Gardens are among the farms partnering with Orono’s school food service staff to connect kids with new tastes and new experiences. 

A Farm to School Odyssey: Hopkins Public Schools

A trip through the lunch line at Hopkins Public Schools is sure to stir up a kid’s imagination with healthy foods like Wacky Watermelon, Circus Ready Pepper Rings and Popeye Spinach Salad.  While students enjoy eating these Farm to School sensations, it’s even better knowing that these foods are all produced locally, whether in school gardens or on nearby farms.

Sibley East: School District’s Unique Approach to Farm to School Unifies Students, Staff and the Community

Students, teachers and food service workers have taken Farm to School to new heights at Sibley East High School in south central Minnesota, creating a self-perpetuating program that not only provides students with healthy produce, but also exposes them to food production.

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