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Salad days in Minneapolis Schools: Leafy greens are making their mark

A couple of weeks ago when Sanford Middle School debuted its new, cooked fresh, on-site lunch, the center of the plate was chicken. Not a nugget, not a patty, just a piece of roasted chicken, hot from the oven and on a compostable plate.

On Japan’s school lunch menu: A healthy meal, made from scratch
In Japan, school lunch means a regular meal, not one that harms your health. The food is grown locally and almost never frozen. There’s no mystery in front of the meat. From time to time, parents even call up with an unusual question: Can they get the recipes?


In St. Paul, school lunch now comes with more veggies and its own app

Not so long ago, it was common to encounter a gleaming wall of colorful vending machines in any high school cafeteria. A bevy of sodas, candy and junk food beckoned students.

Sharing their homegrown success

TRACY - Making a switch to fresher, healthier meals isn't always easy when you're cooking for a whole school. But with help from a state grant program, two area schools have been seeing - and tasting - the difference.

Hopkins school meals start from scratch

"For far too long, meals and food (has) been relegated to the bottom of the ladder of its importance," said Barb Mechura, Director of Student Nutrition.

Minnesota State Fair: Eco Experience Building ~ Healthy Local Foods Exhibit

The Healthy Local Foods (HLF) exhibit, hosted by Renewing the Countryside, is sure to be a huge hit for the whole family! This year’s exhibit is focused on “Why Farm to School is Good for Minnesota Children, Farmers, and Communities.”  Find out more on Renewing the Countryside's website here.

Urban greenhouses to feed Willmar, Minn., schools

The land west of the Willmar Area Food Shelf will soon get a facelift, thanks to the combined efforts of the Willmar Design Center, the Southwest Regional Sustainable Development Partnership and the Food Shelf.

Minneapolis Public Schools food truck promotes healthy lunch for all kids

“My son ate broccoli and carrots for the first time [...]” said Andrea Worsfeld...They’d come for swimming, but stumbled upon the free meals for kids offered from the Minneapolis Public Schools food truck.

Planting the seeds: Connect kids with farms using the MN Grown directory

Not every child gets to experience the wonder of connecting with our local food system in such a direct way, but this year’s issue of the Minnesota Grown Directory is here to help families make that connection.

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