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From Small Potatoes to 36,000 Pounds of Carrots: Farm to School Grows
In the past few years I’ve seen an increasing number of news stories about successful farm to school programs. As reflected in the first USDA Farm to School Census, farm to school programs are thriving from Alaska to Florida and in every state between.
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Healthy eating helps improve student performance, experts say
Healthy eating cannot replace cracking a book, but local health experts say diet and physical fitness can go a long way to helping students do well on tough standardized tests.
Studies indicate improved brain function and academic success...
Students push for farm-fresh food in schools
UPPER LAKE - Five Tupper Lake High School students talked to their school board Monday about bringing locally grown food into the cafeteria.
The students are members of the Tupper Lake Middle-High School's Green Team and Student Council....
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With Farm to Preschool program, kids get a head start on healthy eating
Holly Chute has a message that may surprise a lot of pre-school children across America: potatoes don’t look like French fries.
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Push for food program
Remember those thick slabs of greasy pizza from the school cafeterias of your childhood? How about the frozen processed-chicken nuggets or the popular “shake-and-French-fry” line?
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Students reap rewards of 'Farm to School' program

The Wentzville School District Child Nutrition Department is always looking for ways to get...

Hopkins West Junior High Cooks Make Fresh Pickles (Video)
When most people think of school cafeterias, they’re more apt to think of sloppy joes than homemade pickles. But Hopkins cooks are in the process of changing that stereotype.
On Monday, Tonya Christianson, West Junior High’s...
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Nutrition in FULL BLOOM at Rippleside

This past school year, Rippleside...

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What's For Lunch? More Schools Adding Local Food to Menu and Curriculum

As students settle into the new school year, they’re finding more local food on their lunch trays, more nutrition and agriculture-...

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Local Food Movement Takes Leap in Northern Michigan Schools

Traverse City Buzz: Michigan public school students will enjoy ...

Schools find new ways to get students to eat their vegetables

Tracy Smith and Karra Hartog, cooks for Burnsville-Eagan-...

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The Top 5 Myths about Farm-to-School Programs

Most of us can remember a childhood encounter with...

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Website highlights Iowa’s farm-to-school efforts

A new website tracks statewide efforts to bring local food into Iowa...

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