Celebrate Farm to School Month in partnership with FFA

Fact sheet with Farm to School activities to explore with FFA and how to find an FFA leader in your Minnesota school district or nearby.  

Favorite Ideas for Celebrating Farm to School Month

A two page tip sheet with ideas for in the cafeteria, for students and for parents and community developed by the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy.

Minnesota Farm to School Month Tips for Administrative Staff

A free resource for school administrative staff with ideas for how to promote Minnesota Farm to School Month!

Minnesota Farm to School Month Tips for Teachers

A free resource for teachers with ideas for celebrating Minnesota Farm to School Month in the classroom!

National Farm to School Month

Resources, communications and networking tools from the National Farm to School Network.


School Foodservice

The Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy: Farm2School Promotional Package for Foodservice

IATP has developed an extensive package of Farm2School promotional tools designed to help schools communicate about their Farm2School activities with students, parents and other stakeholders.  Includes helpful graphic and Word Document templates to make your Farm to School foods and activities engaging and visible.

2012 Farm to School Producers Directory

To help K-12 buyers connect with farmers, IATP has put together the attached list of growers.  It is organized by region within Minnesota and includes interested farmers from neighboring states.  It also shows you whether the farmers can have students visit their farm and if the farmers are interested in visiting schools to support your Farm to School educational effort. (Click the title to access the next page, where you can see the Directory.)

Community Alliance for Family Farmers (CAFF)

Farm to School Field Guide for Food Service Staff: How-to guide with sections for getting started, working with parents and collaborating with teachers and community.

Farm to School Webinar: Lessons learned from the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy

This one-hour webinar with IATP’s Program Director for Local Foods, JoAnne Berkenkamp, provides a thorough overview of Farm to School and lessons learned from IATP’s Farm to School work in Minnesota.

Kids Cooking Green

Kids Cooking Green is a series of classes and activities introducing children to the importance of eating locally grown food.

Legal Issues Impacting Farm to School and School Garden Programs in Minnesota

This legal synopsis provides an overview of the key legal issues involved in farm to school and school garden programs in Minnesota.

Massachusetts, Farm to School Cookbook

Features over 100 large quantity recipes.

Michigan Farm to School

Contains detailed information on school lunch budgeting, information and tools for purchasing using a bid process, and resources for setting up a local foods fundraiser.

Minnesota Farm to School Month Tips for Food Service Staff

A free resource for Food Service staff with ideas for celebrating Minnesota Farm to School Month in the lunchroom!

Minnesota Grown Wholesaler Database

The Minnesota Grown Program at the MN Department of Agriculture is creating a new database of Minnesota Grown producers who market to wholesale accounts. Wholesale buyers can search the database by product, location and criteria such as liability insurance, organic certification and so on.

Oklahoma Farm to School

Tips, Tools and Resources for Food Distribution and Food Safety: Includes Distribution and Cost Templates, farmer Memorandum of Understanding, produce needs calculator and food safety checklist.

Oklahoma Farm to School Kidchen Expedition Cookbook and Resources

 The Oklahoma Farm to School Program is pleased to provide resources that promote healthful eating emphasizing simple and creative ways to utilize Oklahoma-grown produce. The new Farm to School cookbook was developed especially for use in school kitchens, focusing on healthful recipes that incorporate Oklahoma-grown produce. All materials and videos are also made available via the Kidchen Expedition website at www.kidchenexpedition.com  or the Oklahoma Farm to School website at www.okfarmtoschool.com.

Recipes for Healthy Kids Cookbooks

If you’re looking to add to your collection of delicious, kid-approved recipes that are made from healthy ingredients, look no further than the Recipes for Healthy Kids Cookbooks!

The Lunch Box

A comprehensive online toolkit with healthy tools for schools developed by Chef Ann Cooper. It includes recipes and resources, and is easily searchable by parents, schools and foodservice staff. Great use of video for teaching skills and techniques like salad bar start up.

University of Minneosta Farm to School Toolkit for Foodservice

This is an extensive online toolkit which offers resources for K-12 school foodservice staff. It features 20 common Farm to School foods and includes large scale recipes, purchasing information, food safety information as well as resources for classroom enrichment, getting started, promotions and links to other Farm to School sites.


General Educational Resources

Farm to School: A Tool for Success with New Nutrition Standards

National Farm to School Network has developed this new fact sheet. Farm to School activities inherently complement the new nutrition standards by helping increase student interest in new foods and fostering a deeper understanding of the origin of food and the importance of good nutrition, all of which can increase participation in school meal programs. This resource highlights Farm to School activities and resources that can help ease the transition to the new standards and foster support for school meal programs.

Oklahoma Farm to School Kidchen Expedition Farm to School Videos

A series of five 22-minute videos to use in the classroom to educate students in Grades 2 through 5. Join Chef Jeff and the Kidchen Expeditioners as they journey to five Oklahoma farms exploring the wonders of growing fresh fruits and vegetables, how they are harvested and learning the nutritional benefits of the produce that compliment many science requirements. 

Wisconsin Farm to School Toolkits

The Wisconsin Farm to School Toolkits for school nutrition directors and producers can help you create a successful farm to school program in your community. These toolkits are interactive. They include a wealth of information that will help you plan your farm to school program, source locally grown fruits and vegetables in season, work out purchasing details, estimate quantities, set prices, educate students, market your program and develop strong community partnerships. The toolkits also include links to invaluable online resources.



IATP's Farm to School Youth Leadership Curriculum

The high school level Farm to School Youth Leadership Curriculum is designed to empower youth, teach them about their local food system, engage them in meaningful, hands-on learning activities that also strengthen their school’s Farm to School program and link them directly with farmers in their community.

CHANGE Curriculum

Integrates nutrition education with reading, writing, math and science studies, for elementary students. 40 downloadable lessons in pdf format.

Food For Life

This is great farm-to-school curriculum for elementary school teachers. It’s from the UK but is easily adaptable to fit US standards and other curriculum. Free pdf download of entire curriculum pack or individually download and print lessons and activity sheets.

Food is Elementary

By Antonia Demas, 2001. Food is Elementary contains 28 age-appropriate lesson plans for pre-K through second grade and third grade through eighth grade. This approach centers around experiential learning and interdisciplinary studies. The participatory one-hour lessons integrate art, geography, history, language arts, writing, mathematics, and science and encourage students to engage all their senses while they study whole foods, nutrition and cooking.

Harvest of the Month

Complete materials to feature a local item each month through the cafeteria and classroom activities.

Keeping it Fresh: More Ideas for Farm to School

 Are you looking for some ways to keep your Farm to School program fresh as you move into the coming school year?  Here is a document outlining some ideas and easy resources to get you going. (Click the title to access the next page, where you can view the document.)

Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom

Offers teacher resources including the Ag Mag, and information on Ag Literacy grants.

The Growing Classroom

Education Resources Information Center. A Garden Based Science and nutrition Curriculum for 2nd through 6th Grades from UC Santa-Cruz.

The Hayride

A Resource for Educational Farm Field Trips: The Introduction has guided questions for planning your field trip and page 43 starts a section on integrating your Farm Field Trip into the Classroom.


Evaluation and Impact Assessment

Bearing Fruit

Farm to School Program Evaluation Resources and Recommendations: Comprehensive guide to Farm to School program evaluation with highlights of the overall impacts of farm to school. Provides excellent program assessment tools. Contains helpful summaries of available research on the academic and nutritional impacts of F2S and gardening programs.

California School Garden Network: Academics Brief

Research summary on academic impact of school gardening.

California School Garden Network: Nutrition Brief

Research summary on nutritional impact of school gardening.

Farm to School in Minnesota - A Survey of School Foodservice Leaders

2012 survey by IATP and the MN School Nutrition Association documenting the growth Farm to School activity in Minnesota, types of local foods used, food purchasing strategies and on-going challenges

Grower Perspectives on Farm to School

2012 survey by IATP of interested farmers, ranchers and other producers designed to assess growers’ perceptions of Farm to School, challenges, aspirations and strategies that could enable growers to benefit more fully from this growing market. 


Wellness Policies

Community Food Security Coalition

Tools for Promoting Local Purchasing and Farm to School Activities with Sample Wellness Policy Language for Schools

Farm to School in the Northeast

Making the Connection for Healthy Kids and Healthy Farms: A Toolkit from Cornell for Extension Educators and Other Community Leaders. Wellness Policies on pp. 66-69: offers steps and language for school wellness policies.

National Alliance for Nutrition and Activity: Model School Wellness Policy

A work group of more than 50 health, physical activity, nutrition, and education professionals from a variety of national and state organizations were convened to develop a set of model wellness policies for local school districts.


School Gardens

California School Garden Network

An extensive website with links to “Gardens for Learning”, a detailed guidebook, resources for evaluation, research and policy, nutrition, curriculum, how to garden, cost estimates, middle school stories, training resources, and research summaries on the nutritional and academic impact of school gardening programs on students.

Cornell Garden Based Learning

Designed to provide educators with inspiring, research-based gardening resources and professional development to support engaging, empowering, and relevant learning experiences for children, youth, adults, and communities.

Creating and Growing Edible Schoolyards: A How to Manual for School Professionals

This manual takes you from designing and planting a school garden to ways to maintain the garden along with connections to curriculum, academic success through healthy eating and policy development. It is filled with practical resources and lessons learned. Created in partnership between Anoka County Community Health & Environmental Services Department’s SHIP initiative and the Anoka–Hennepin School District. 

Farm to School and School Garden Research Consortium

A website for coordinating research and evaluation efforts to strengthen farm to school and garden-based education programs, practices and policies.

Fresh, Healthy and Safe Food: Best Practices for Using Produce from School Gardens

Pamphlet describing best practices and recommendations for safe growing, handling and harvesting.

Idaho school garden resources

Photos from various school garden programs showing as they grow, and a best practices manual titled "How Our Gardens Grow: Cultivating Nutrition and Learning Through Idaho School Gardens."

Junior Master Gardener Program

Built around a curriculum that can be purchased and is used nationally. Is correlated to several state teaching standards. Includes an online tutorial for teachers, sections for teachers, kids, newsletter, and many helpful tools.

KidsGardening: A resource of the National Gardening Association

A comprehensive website including a Parents Primer and a Teachers Room as well as resources on funding, fundraising, and curriculum, posters, garden accessories, etc. available for purchase.

Starting and Maintaining a School Garden Guide

This guide from the National Farm to School Network gives a good overview of how to get a school garden started, and gives ideas of how to tie the garden into school lessons.



Farm to School Fundraising Guide from National Farm to School Network

This document offers tips and information on fundraising strategies ranging from pursuing grant funds, to establishing a giving/donation arm of your program, to holding special events. 

Jr. Iron Chef Contest Vermont

Used as a fundraiser for Vermont FEED and Burlington School Food Project.

MDA Ag Literacy Grant Program

Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom (MAITC) is a unique public/private partnership between the MAITC Foundation and the Minnesota Department of Agriculture. This grant program is targeted at K-12 practicing educators with cash awards offered to encourage educators to bring agriculture and food systems education “to life” by effectively integrating related content into their classroom or school.  The maximum grant request is $400.

Michigan Land Use Institute Farm to School

Includes links to sample farm order template.

- Farm fundraiser story: "Farm Raisers" Make Cents for Schools
- Taste the Local Difference: Sample local food fundraiser flyer - "Tired of the candy sale?"

Wisconsin Homegrown Holiday Fundraiser

A sample product brochure, order form, and informational letter used by REAP, a Madison WI-based non-profit.

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