Based in Minneapolis, Catalyst is a statewide movement of young people working on healthy eating and tobacco issues. They use hands-on activism and advocacy to engage youth in making change. Includes student-made video “Falling In Love with Fruits and Vegetables” and other resources for youth activism.

Farm to School Webinar: Lessons learned from the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy

This one-hour webinar with IATP’s Program Director for Local Foods, JoAnne Berkenkamp, provides a thorough overview of Farm to School and lessons learned from IATP’s Farm to School work in Minnesota.

Farm to School's YouTube Channel

Student Involvement for Middle and High Schools. Videos, Projects, Broadcasts.

Jr Iron Chef Vermont

Shows an example of an organization creating a successful Jr. Iron Chef contest. This website explains how the contest was organized and provides a sample application, rules, publicity and other tools.

Kids Cooking Green

Kids Cooking Green is a series of classes and activities introducing children to the importance of eating locally grown food.

National Farm to School Network

Hosts a library of videos that you can use to help explain "What is Farm to School?", view student video submissions in the national ”What Real Food Is” contest, and upload your own videos about Farm to School efforts in your community.

Real Food Challenge

Uniting students for just and sustainable food. Focused on colleges but applicable for high school students interested in understanding the food system. Contains resources, networking and action information.

Students Taking Charge

Powered by Action for Healthy Kids. Includes sample surveys to assess schools’ healthfulness, links to useful facts, ideas for taking action, and ways to connect with other interested students.

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